Have pathfinder, can't fly

Hello i recently got pathfinder part 2, but one of my characters (Indesinent-Outland) still cant fly in any of the bfa zones and the passive is also missing from the spellbook.
Just to clarify, i am using a flying mount and i can fly on non-bfa zones.
My other characters (only tested 2 of them) can fly on bfa zones no problem

You need both pathfinders (1 and 2) to be able to fly.

try this wowhead.com/flying

But he can on some characters

Logout from game completely, wait 1minute and log on.

i have tried it, and as i said i already have both pathfinders its this specific char that has the issue

Just try relogging on this char or delete cache first.

The Armory says that you don’t actually have Battle for Azeroth: Pathfinding Part 2.

That’s weird, i do have it here is one my alts flying in boralus http://prntscr.com/q2zcnn

Just check on character with issue in spell tab / general if you have Pathfinders there or not, if not then game server must teach him. If it won’t update after some time you should write a ticket so GM will manually teach this character.

as i said in my post, pathfinder part 2 is missing from my character’s spellbook. Ticket estimated answer time is 2 days… i was hoping i could fix this sooner

Logging in tomorrow after 9:00 AM maybe can solve this but i don’t know.

I dont know why this happened but out of nowhere im now able to fly. It seems i just had to wait a couple of hours because of some bug. Thanks