Have you guys ever played a game that tilts more than wow?

^^^^^^^^^ i’m so sad does anyone play anything else then warrior?

Dota. 10 chars

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League, Dota, Paladins, Overwatch, CS:GO, PUBG…

Yes, I think every single other multiplayer online game I’ve played has tilted me more.

TF2 especially, omg did I get angry when getting stuck in some bulldroppings on a corner causing me to get killed by someone.

Moba games and overwatch. Trust me.

For Honor. By far the most toxic and tilting game I ever tried.

Dota 2 100%. I was never as tilted over WoW as I was multiple times in Dota.

Before SL, I would say league of legends, purely because when I get bunch of, ehm, “unfortunate” payers, Im stucked with them for 45 minutes. But since SL, I think wow just wins this competition. Its so stressfull and as healer I often feel helpless, because a single blink of an eye with wrong timing can just lose me the game. In pvp I just find myself praying more than playing.

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I rarelly be mad, cuz playing on casual lvl a very long time. Last time it was mb DOTA - when it was wc3 map. I was mad mostly on clueless teammates. I even stopped dueling and ranked areans in swtor, cuz very toxic people thats annoying me in PM, wish that me and my family will die 24/7 - mostly cuz of this. I don’t think that i ever will return from casual gameplay, cuz hight rated players mostly mad, toxic and constantly insulted others. So i’m fine playing like that.

league of legends ,overwatch and dota 2 .

yep that is why i also play games casually and get my fun and enjoyment out of it . i stopped playing rainbow six siege because even if you take precautions people love to do friendly fire or some other stupid thing in casual mode

Everywhere, where are bad teammates :d

lol any competitive game

Heck, people even get tilted in non-competitive coop games like L4D/B4B.

Old school turtling defensives in TFC were pretty tilting. Or getting destroyed at the end of a Mario kart race having led the whole way. Old school Goldeneye order kills as well.

Tbh WoW is one of the least tilting games I think.

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