Having to pay 26eur sub with battlenet currensy

Can you lower the amount that i have to pay if i want to sub with Battlenet currensy then i can only buy 2month subscription for 26euro basically.

IT would be NICE to have the old option back so i can just sub for 1 month 13euro instead of 2 months 26eur.

And i know i can subscribe for 1month if i use my credit card but i dont want to use my credit card all the time.

Would be nice to have the same option for battle net currensy. Like we used to have

I think that you’re on the wrong subforum. You need to go to https://eu.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/c/support/customer-support/11
Yoiu can move the topic by clicking the pencil icon next to the title; There’s no kind blues doing it for you, you know :wink:

There is a reason why they changed it. They want to force you to pay for 2 months to artificially get more revenue. End of story.

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why customer support i want to have a discussion about this

Then “General” Not Classic.

That’s where all the QQing happens

as if it would make a diffrence

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