[H][Draenor] Fury - LF Holy Paladin for Mythic Progress

We are looking for a commited and experienced Holy Paladin for pushing CE and world ranking in 9.1
Fury is a 2 day raiding guild, raiding Wednesdays and Sunday 19:00-23:00 server time (CET)
We started raiding in Castle Nathria and achieved CE in our first raiding tier.
If you are looking for a dedicated raiding guild, with a relaxed atmosphere and friendly people, throw me a message.

We expect from you:
-Close to 100% attendance to raids due to only raiding 2 days per week
-Always be striving to improve and perfect your characters and be raid ready
-Take constructive criticism well and make changes as needed
-Bring any consumables that are not guild provided

What to expect from us:
-A leadership group that is open to suggestions and ideas to improve our raid progression
-A willingness to address issues
-A clear goal in mind that everyone is onboard with and pulling their own weight

Our progress:
CN - 10/10 M
SoD - 9/10 HC 1/10 M

Contact me on:
bnet: Misue#2650
Discord: Misue#9123