[H][Draenor] Mirror Mirror Mirror 3/9M Recruiting

Greetings and welcome!

Mirror Mirror Mirror was created during the ending cycle of Shadowlands with the idea of raiding in a stress free environment while maintaining a good pace of progress.

We started the guild mainly as an AotC guild and trying to progress into mythic as far as we can without any stressful Hardcore mentality.

What we want from you!

  • To have consistency and communication
  • To understand that this is just a game and it’s not something to get angry at.
  • To give advice and support to people in need.
  • Coming prepared to raids, foods, flasks, pots etc (There are things we supply from the guild bank ofc)

What we can offer.

  • Friendly guild members (we don’t discriminate people)
  • Company outside of wow (Our members play a variety of different games; FPS games, MOBAs, survival games etc)
  • Social evenings are arranged regularly for guildies to engage in party games, board games, puzzles and miscellaneous team building activities
  • Good attitude towards raiding and progression in general

About raiding:
Our raid times and days are Wednesday and Monday from 8pm to 11pm server time. With an optional “Fun run” on Fridays from 8pm to 11pm server time.

During raiding we use RCLootCouncil to distribute loot fairly to raiders who gain the most benefit out of them. We want to encourage the raid to evolve as individuals but progress as a team!

Our aim for 10.1 is to get a stable team going so we can get the raid cleared and to begin our progress on Mythic.


Tanks: Full

Healers: LF A Healer

DPS: Looking for ALL sorts (Mage high Prio!

You can add either me or copper on Bnet or Discord in case this piqued your interest.

Disc: raski / Copper#7626
bNet: Raski#21503 / CopperSocks#2462

Still looking. Healers full now so DPS only.

Still looking for dps!

Raids are on break untill 10.1 comes out. Still looking for DPS!

Patch started! Can fit a couple more Range pumpers!

Recruitment status updated!

3/8HC! Where the Demon Hunters at, we need you!!!

Recruiting for DPS with Healer OS! 8/9HC atm.

Sarkareth goes down! Recruitment still open for DPS!

First run done in mythic with the first down. Still recruiting more DPS!

Searching for DPS!

2/9M, Amalgamation chamber 5% best pull. Still recruiting for more DPS!

Chamber down, onwards to Experiments! Recruitment status updated.

Recruitment status updated.

Looking for a Lunar Chicken for big boom.

LF more DPS for Rashok prog!

Recruitment open for RDPS!