Healer Balance

With Cataclysm in beta, it’s time to address the healer balance in the Dragonsoul patch.
Three classes need changes.

Holy Paladin
Holy Radiance has no CD and it becomes spammable. This should change. It should have a CD e.g. 6 seconds

Holy Priest
Holy Priest needs a lots of changes. Some ideas:

  • Holy concentration needs to be buffed from 30% to 50% to help with mana issues.
  • Lightwell should become a smart heal by having it cast the HOT on the lowest hp targets
  • Holy Word Sanctuary heals too little. It should have its healing output increased. Or allow it to give inspiration automatically to everyone who is inside the area of effect.
  • Holy Word Serenity should have its CD reduced from 15seconds to 12 or 10 seconds.
  • Chakra Serenity should increase the healing done by direct spells by 10%
  • Heavenly voice should also decrease the CD to Hymn of Hope to 3 minutes.
  • Chakra CD should be 20 seconds not 30.
  • Serendipity should be proced by Heal
  • Serendipity should apply for two greater heals or prayers of healing
  • The talent Spirit of Redemption should give to the Holy Priest a permanent aura with 5% or 10% increased Spirit for the raid.

Disc Priest
The base cost of PW:Shield should increase to avoid making it possible to spam it in the last tier of Cata due to the gear bloat.


#nochanges to be honest - its not cataclysm if things change is it now ?

I think they already said that they will make changes.

the #nochanges failed hard already.balancing should and will probably happen,just not in a bit scale.for example no lfr would make everyone happy :stuck_out_tongue:

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#nochange = classic and they failed because they did change it
#somechanges = tbc classic failed even harder with so much change
#wotlk classic = if only i was timewalking oh wait i am … k cool
#alotofchanges cata= not going to be the “same” except for the npc´s maybe

Blizzard has a track record of ignoring their biggest fanbase and only listening to the minority QQ babies , not sure if its a healthy model :wink:

thank god we moved past nochanges.sod is the proof people want new things.

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SOD said hi!

If you want absolutely no changes, go play pserver. Oh wait, even there they made changes because ppl got bored.

Its 2024. Some tweaking never hurts.

Sure some tweaks here and there to keep classic up with others like they did with pala or dk in wrath, but you suggest an entire spec rework in the case of Holy.
Disc is fine iirc, it only becomes spammable at the end of cata when you have very good gear, at that point the game is almost over anyway.

I know this is 20 days old but I had to ask

What changes did they make that ‘ruined’ classic? Classic 2019 was widely popular

Same question. I very much liked TBC and fail to see what changes made TBC fail?

You seem like an impossible to please person who loves to complain yet plays all the versions blizz brings back.

Why would you add a cooldown on Radiance? You know how Holy paladin used to be in Wrath? You literally spam holy light for an entire fight how is that any better ? Asking for total spec rework is pure non sense, if casual players are unable to play with the current content then they can leave, good riddance, actual players want the game to still be enjoyable

and it’s totally not true that you spam holy radiance. you’ll oom yourself instantly if you do.

Yes but it uses a lot of mana, you’ll OOM or be really close if you spam it. And even if the paladin does spam it they will still lose to resto druid aoe healing.

PW:Shield never becomes spammable in cata. The mana cost is too high.
There is also no reason to spam it, when they use prayer of healing for aoe healing.

Even if Blizzard say it will make change, don’t think about a radical change but more closer what they do in WOTLK for paladin protection

For Holy Priest they should increase the base duration of renew by 3 seconds back to 15 not 12 like its gonna be in Cataclysm. Then make the Glyph of Renew add 3 seconds to its duration (so up to 18 seconds). Also change the Improved Renew talent to increase its healing by 30-40% rather than just 10%. This way you get a very fun and probably pretty strong healing build with Chakra: Serenity if played well

Renew has 12 seconds because of haste. The base duration is 15 seconds. When you are in chakra serenity any direct heals will refresh your Renew to 15 seconds and snapshot the haste for faster ticking. So you can basically keep renew up on about 10 people by refreshing it with Heal.

There is a particular “bug” with this since Cata launched. What is it? Mastery’s Echo of Light. The tooltip says that Echo of Light will make your direct healing spells to heal an additional 10% over 6 seconds. This works on spells like Holy Nova, Circle of Healing and Prayer of Healing.

Chakra Serenity says that direct healing spells will refresh Renew on targets. But this does not work with Prayer of Healing, Circle of Healing and Holy Nova. It would be nice if at least PoH refreshed renew.

I don’t think Blizzard will ever fix this.

Direct = Non ticking heal so it makes sense that Prayer, Circle & Holy Nova apply to it

The issue is that the tool tip mentions direct healing spells for both Echo of Light and Chakra Sanctuary but only Echo of Light works with PoH, Holy Nova and CoH.

Judging by the state of the beta and the general tendency to listen only to dps, yes I don’t expect any major changes.

No renew actually is only 12 seconds in Cataclysm unfortunately: https://www.wowhead.com/cata/spell=139/renew. Haste doesnt effect dot/hot duration anymore but instead just adds ticks like you said.

Im not sure also if PoH/CoH etc not refreshing renew is a bug. But that also would be a very welcome change.

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When I use Chakra: Serenity and I cast a direct spell on a target who has Renew already, the duration of the refreshed Renew is 15 seconds.

Yes holy priests need to be buffed a lot, make chakra swapping less punishing (5 or 10 seconds even i would say) and do something about their mana management at least! Indeed lightwell could be turned into something useful.
Chakra Serenity should receive a small buff, either hps or reduced mana cost.
Goal of the chakra system was to make holy priests flexible healers but instead it gimps them in the current state.

And please dont turn paladins into single button holy radiance spambots…
Having atleast some CD (like all the other healers AOE heals) would make sense wouldnt it?
Especially in later content where mana is less of an issue being able to spam it is rediculous.

No healer should be incentivized to only raid heal or to only tank heal!
As cata healing was intended!

see this vid for the problems: