Healer (Hpala/Disc) LF Mythic guild for TWW

As title says, looking for a guild for the rest of season 4 and moving into TWW. With the goal of pushing for CE in TWW.

Currently maining hpala (510 ilvl) with a disc priest alt. Will be gearing some other healers in S4 though starting with Shaman.

Currently 9/9 HC awakened Aberrus this season. Missed the first VOTI week due to vacation.

5/8 Mythic VOTI in S1, 9/9 HC S2 but stopped 2 weeks into the phase due to IRL issues.

Have a number of server first progression kills from back in TBC and WoTLK as well as some world top 10 speed clears in Classic from 2019 up to the most recent season of discovery phase.

Hey, check out our guild. Post below.
Feel free to contact me directly.

[Guild: Highlords] HC/Mythic guild under experienced leadership is looking for Heals and dps ( mage, monk, DH). For our raid roster for Season 4. Raids: Wed/Sun 20-23 Server Time.!!!