Healer LF Social Curve/Mythic Guild


Good morning,

I am a returning player keen on moving back into the raiding scene. I have alot of experience of raiding, and would like to find a new long term home with which to raid. Most recently, I raided in Legion, achieving Curve in each tier (other than Antorus as I had to take a break for a few months before we achieved it).

There are a couple of key things that I look for in a guild. One is a good social aspect. An active discord, and also people who are online regularly (not just logging in for raid time) so there are people for M+ runs, or just to chat to whilst leveling alt number 70. The 2nd important thing is to be achieving at least Curve each tier.

I am able to raid any days, but would only want to raid twice a week at most. And times are mostly fine, although ideally no later than 23:30 server time. I am also happy to transfer servers. I would ideally like to stay Horde, but if the right Alliance guild comes along I would switch.

The role I enjoy most is healing, and so I would much prefer to have a permanent raid spot as a healer. I wouldn’t mind switching to DPS every now and then, as long as the vast majority of the time I can be a healer.

My main is a holy priest, ilvl 389ilvl. I also have a resto druid I would be happy to make my main, although he is a freshly dinged 120 currently.

If you are interested, leave me your bTag or Discord username and I can add you to chat :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!