Healer (Rsham/prevoker) and Melee DPS (rogue/ret) LF Guild

Hello everyone,

we are 2 highly ambitioned players who are looking for a Guild.

I am playing mostly healers (resto shmn/prevoker/mistweaver) and my mate is playing mostly melee dps (ret paladin/subrogue).

Season 1 Progress: Raid 8/8 HC, 2/8 Mythic full pug experience
M+ Main Rio 3224 stopped playing for Rank one cause pugging was not fun and my mate stopped at 3028.

Season 2 Progress: Raid 9/9 HC and currently looking for a Guild.
M+ Main Rio 2948 and he is 2848 and we want to push way higher.

I played in a top100 raiding Guild during TBC/Wotlk and stopped playing with Cataclysm release, started again with Season 3/4 of Shadowlands.
My mate is playing on and off since cataclysm and picked the game up aswell in S4 Shadowlands again.

We are looking for People/Guild/Community who have ambitions to play a lot of M+ in the 3k+ region and maybe we could join HC/Mythic Raid if there are spots open - Mythic not mandatory tho - its Ok if we can just clear HC and maybe some Mythic Bosses further into the Season.

We are very committed to the game and would realmtransfer if we fit together.

Feel free to contact me on Battle.net Fna#2282

Thanks for reading till now and have a nice day