Healing in solo shuffle

I thought id give this a bash on my evoker since the queues for dps are so long. After like 12 rounds i am done. I spent most of the rounds in poly, cyclone, stun. Its just not fun. I desperately wanted the elite set this season but im out.

Also this late into the season trying to catch up on conquest is tedious.


dont you have tons of mmr if you started only just now?

no clue of evoker i hate this lizard class but seeing you have monk you could flip it to mw which is very easy to heal in shuffle but i agree with the context i read between lines tho and understand why one would not touch shuffle as healer

the idea of enabling alot bad dps into playing the game while self trying climb from among them as healer, and then they all gain more from it than you and your like 500 rating behind some zuglord on his chosen fotm with 100% tunnel 0% awareness and yet gaining 2.1-2.4 ratings depending season

dont know why heals would do this if they gain less than the people they enable into it, the mode needs heals more than the dps so it should be only logical to incentive the healers and make it more beneficial for them than for these zuglords

whole thing is upside down how i see it, they need heals more than the heals need them, why would the heals gain less than them hence


Most of the DPS are way out of their league in shuffle and shouldn’t be where they are at.

Just had a game where I’ve been doing some damage on a resto druid, he’s at 30% hp and they’re just ignoring him and he’s not healing himself up.

I get a fear on him, he’s got no trinket and go “SWITCH DRUID” “SWITCH DRUID” SWITCH DRUID". He’s at 30%. Fear wears off, they’re not switching to him. He’s got no hots on him. They’re not switching to him. He’s got no trinket, I state this again - HE’S GOT NO TRINKET. HE’S GOT NO HOTS ON HIM. What I have on my team is a rogue and a warrior. Both can stun him and murder him.

SWITCH AND THE DRUID IS DEAD IN AN INSTANT BUT NO. They just keep tunnelling the DPS they’re incapable of killing and then die when dampening became high enough.

These DPS are like 2k. It’s a joke.


Well duh.

It’s almost the end of the season. Shuffle is the most inflated bracket. It ain’t as much as last season, but it’s still pretty damn inflated. Can tell you I’ve seen even worse than what you described at 2.4k.

Since a lot of people sense the end of the season they have switched over to the other brackets, since they also inflated quite a bit. Which is kinda cool tbh, lots of people getting 3s and 2s going, especially 3s.

Don’t waste your time healing Shuffle guys. Grab literally any peeps from LFG (coz everybody wants a healer), start pumping, be polite and enjoy the real game.

Let the meme bracket dry out so that only the friendless losers and kickbots remain.

Have a good day :+1:


Can sign what he said, you’re gonna have a much better time in “normal” arenas as a healer. Pick up a random Warr/Dk/WW and 1800 should be pretty free in 2s, the bracket is almost as inflated as Shuffle and way less stressful.

And you can politely ask somebody to not line you or forget about his defensive cds without fear of getting banned for toxic behavior ^^


Yeah it sucks one thing that helps with evoker is though it is annoying, using 2-3 hovers to cast move back in and out of cc range. It doesn’t entirely make up for the lack of dps interrupts on ccs but it helps. Also amount of times deep breath saved me from getting cycloned and got me out of it’s range…just be mindful when to use it, as your teammates can die while you are flying.

2/3s are dead, shuffle is bad, you have no good option to play, your better off quitting the game is the truth

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Just go play aug, stop torturing yourself with the lesser two specs dev / pres are doodoo compared to Aug rn imho, 0 tuning either so enjoy your free rating on the monkey “support” class


Did you noticed how all these players who are crying about solo shuffle never won any arena round in their entire lifetime and they think they are some superior players full of knowledge how arena should work.

Of course.

About 70% of the people preaching arena knowledge in this forum section are people with 10 arena matches in 4 months. Or a total of 3000 Shuffle rounds played at 1.6, pick one.

I’m used to it at this point. It only gets painful when people become obnoxious about their clueless viewpoints, for example that warrior guy in the warrior thread that harrassed others for arena xp when he was a 1791 peak player with 11 arenas done in this season LUL donut life

That’s an understatement.

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You are aware that you are agreeing with someone who has absolute no exp at all in arenas correct?

kinda ironic from someone whos entire exp in the game is 2 seasons played shuffles and 2 challengers before df dont you think, could even call it bit dumb, and also btw hasnt healed a single round of shuffles either which the topic were about, gee i wonder why he likes shuffles so much :dracthyr_crylaugh:


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Arena and Solo Shuffle is fine. You get high rating you are good. No excuses. Just need more people to play all rated content and PvP overall. Next expansion has to draw people back or the scene dies.

healers quit shuffle, dps suffer the ques cant say i feel sorry for them tho as they are part of the problem

next mode is propably going to be solo rbg and the people who enjoy arena will continue play with their friends in 2s and some push for their glads in 3v3s and im happy if shuffle dies away as it has done nothing but harm to the pvp scene so far

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Problem is that all good things PvP is getting nowdays including proper gear is that it all came too late. People are gone and are not coming back no matter what. Soloque’s etc. should have been a thing decade ago. Also destruction of PvP servers did so much damage. I don’t believe that people with purple and blue hair who graduated from Florida mobile game school seriously has it in them…

It’s more like this: You get rating when you get a good lobby, when your team-mates press defensives, when people don’t throw the game on purpose to spite you.


I started playing again 1.5 weeks ago. Gearing my first 70 character to full took 2-3 days

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“I desperately wanted the elite set this season” So you gave up after 12 rounds? weak mental.

Took me two weeks to gear up my druid and another to get 2.1k for the weapon transmog. But to be fair I feel like resto druid is kinda OP.
On the other hand I am playing with a steamcontroller because of a handicap :person_shrugging:
So less complaining and more playing :))