Healing in solo shuffle

Oh and this is my druid. Made a new one a different battlegroup so had to start from scratch.

i took duelist in a day playing with another shadowlands duelist i found from lfg, im 73 played 64% win 2.1 from one day

you are 300 played 58% shuffle and nothing in any real arenas, i suggest less shuffling and try real arenas, theyre more fun anyway :slight_smile:

i wont touch shuffles with anything anyways, not as healer nor dps, that mode is clown circus

Had to gear up from greens to blue to epics in the last weeks. I just go my last epic piece few days ago. So if I stopt at 73 games I would have still been in blue’s lol.

i like i can do setup in arena which you can never do in shuffles as ppl only zug it like its a circus, i will never heal shuffle or que dps there, 2s are more fun :slight_smile:

I have more rating on my dk than your trash class druid and all your alts combine.
And I even stoped playing arena 2months ago.


who are you and why are you talking to me or what do you know about healing or arena in general? lol

you literally have zero exp in arena, while i have entire expansion before you higher than you and even as of now am higher than you :joy:

are you mental or something spamming this crap to people as some 2 season challenger guy lol go back under the whatever rock you crawled from nobody cares of your opinion

I don’t see elite title on you while I have it that means you are under avarage bad player cant reach 2.4 in 20years old game wtf no hands or no brain.
Why you linking my pvp stats all they can see is 2x back to back elite not bad for a new player top100dks in eu (unreachable for you) you are not even on the any possible pvp list in world that’s how good are you.
Get rekt.

literally no one cares of your shuffles, whisp ur “2.4 shuffle xp” to some and see if they play with you, your 0xp challenger randomly talking crap to people higher than you are, nobody cares what you say, your bad



Has anyone gone from dps to healing and found it the most confusing thing in the world? You go from 6-10 button combos as dps to suddenly more buttons than can possibly be managed on a Razor Naga 18 button mouse, and taurus 22 button game pad… 40 buttons and i still have spells that are not key bound… Not to mention you have to look at a mouseover raid frame the whole time while catching your dps out of the corner of your eye running out of LOS… Healing is seriously broke on resto shaman, and it gets worse on resto druid with shape changing … Point is: isn;t is about time the devs lowered the button mayhem mash as a healer? Jeez, why can’t a mash 4 buttons, one to dispel whatever I set up as priorities so as not to dispel Undying Affliction, one to group heal, one to self heal, and one to direct heal a person? Instead i got 12 other spells which are not passive but require button mashing, at the right time, to boost a heal and save a life all because the RDPS is from some server that doesn;t speak english and he runs up to melee and says something in some foreign language that looks like where is my heal? Loaned from US Forums.

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Where are those people I don’t see them I’m only one elite here.
Can someone post something who is elite?
I don’t think so.
Get rekt.

hello, your elite nowhere


uve never played arena unless we count the 2x challenger from sl then we can conclude you are challenger and as of now you are zero

It literally says back to back elite s1,s2.
You are stuck 1k rounds challenger hows that even possible to play that many rounds you have to play 24/7 solo shuffle to have that many rounds I would go over 4k rating with that many rounds.
You probably broke eu record for most rounds played in solo shuffle.
Maybe some title “hard stuck Alythena” would fit you well.
What upgrade gear npc say to when you want to upgrade gear “not enough rating my boy”
Holy moly you have 7alts and main and all of them are on trash rating not a single elite.
I would ask my self some questions

hello, i see only zero if i look you, i dont count shuffle as anything tho so maybe youre mixed up your value with that, anyways getting bored of you and i dont rly read anything from you other than few lines i quoted. good luck and you can stop spam nonsense to me

asfar i know this topic is about healing shuffle so keep in mind im reporting all of your ravings on the post as spam, bonjour!

Why did you broke world record for most rounds played when you don’t care.
Solo shuffle require to carry yourself every round.
While other brackets are premades by logic it makes things easier (voice chat,planing and other things).
In solo shuffle you need to adopt everyone’s gameplay and need to carry rounds you can’t count on anyone.
But not everyone can carry them self expecially you.
You need someone to carry you in 2s to get you some rating.
In solo shuffle you are on you own and then you see how good you are.

lets go 2’s mate. Show me your skills.

For sure next season I don’t have reason to waste time now iw reached my goals at the very beginning of the season.

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