Heart of Azeroth Essence Abilities

(Liaara) #1

Why is it locked behind pvp/pve activities separetely ?
Its design is so to be honest non pvp (for dps). I cant imagine what the good brings the thing as Blood of the Enemy to PVP battles, one-shots/errors maybe?
Why almost every of your announcements about BFA, also contains some nasty surprise, despite its obviously very wrong.
I loved WoW and i still do, but its like watching growing senility on granny.


I like this idea unless an essence requires you to farm the same thing for 1-2 weeks. I’m fine spending 1-2 days doing something to get my essence.


Well I mean, we PVP players have been forced to do PVE for some expansions now just because they removed PVP gear. Never did I imagine I’d have to raid heroic/mythic and do +10s like I do now just to be able to PVP lol. Suck it up and queue for some battlegrounds, like i said, we’ve been forced to do PVE for a long time.