Heart of Azeroth is boring

(Blayser) #1

HoA is simply put, boring and bland.

You cannot hope to replace artifacts with these generic traits? :rofl:


They don’t. They introduce a new system. You may compare it, but it’s not a replacement. We gave our artifacts and got HoA instead.


Most of it is good. Acquistion, changing talents, minor and major, legendary being cosmetic. I think everything is spot on except for spec specific traits (although there are 2). Buuuut there’s no reason why they can’t add more spec traits in the future.

(Blayser) #4

This patch is a hit or miss and by the looks of these traits… A miss.

I really do want Blizzard to succeed but unless they 180 this patch, 8.2 won’t get the players they lost to return.

Problem with BfA is classes, not content.
When the combat sucks it doesn’t matter how good the content is, it’s going to suck and people have been complaining about classes since Legion Alpha.

Ignoring this feedback has just led to dull combat experiences which automatically marks all new combat related content as bad.