Heart Of Azeroth Pls Boa


Could you make the necklace Heart Of Azeroth bind on account, so we can switch it between our chars, would be so much easyer, specialy if wanna reroll class for exampel, insteed of going trought all that boring grind too raise it all over again.

Maybe some mod can put an vote pool in here or something too see the intresse?

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We really should have a word with blizzard. Expecting us to play alts to gear them.

They should also introduce some system to decrease the mount of AP needed each week to get your levels. Say 25% decrease each week.

When will Blizzard ever learn.


Think it makes sense, would take ages to bring neck to a decent level on all alts, consider artifact in legion: basically at some point AK was so high you could blast through levels, doesn’t happen in BFA, does it?


Account wide ap. 1 neck level per week. Essences account wide. Thats what i want…

And yes what the f is this bs min of 1k ap -.-


I know how much of a chore IT feels like to do all this over and over again on alts, but dont you think IT would be a mess if they would do it?
Like that means you can litaraly farm out AP on all your chars and could easily het 5 lvls a week.
We dont want that happening


That is why there should be a max level you can get every week.

Basically like this. You can get 1 level this week, but the ap earned on a charackter is individual. So it doesnt affect someone with 1 char.

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i presume it does sorta. i lvled my dwarf warrior from 115-120 last weekend, it was lvl 7 neck at the start. i leveled via islands, and then geared up to ilvl 400 within 12 hours played of hitting 120, but i also hit neck 50, so there is some catchup i think, at least to bring you to 50 and essences.

but as mentioned, an account bound HoA AND essences would be so good for alts. im sure there are ways around us being able to farm tons of ap on each alt. maybe making the cap 1 level a week as someone mentioned. im sure it could easily be done, but that would mean one of the core aspects of blizzards plans for this expansion would be gone, ie. us farming ap till our brains bleed.

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Hehehe at first I thought you meant Boa as in a scarf. PLS MAKE THE HEART OF AZEROTH A SCARF NOT A NECKLACE!


It would be improvement indeed!

About Bind on account thing, i would be all for it. It would be great if it would work similar to gw2 mastery xp system, where once you have opened system with one max level you can gather xp for it with any alt, all going to same pool. It really takes away pressure of always playing same character and makes grinding fun when you can swap characters and keep on earning the xp (so you never feel like “i want to play this alt but i should be grinding AP on my main instead”.


With alkl the cathc up gear thats out there (3 peaces of azerite gear), benthic gear, ea. I wouldnt think so.

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its not he AP grind

its the fecking essences…

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