Hearth of Azeroth all of this to

(Jinsk) #1

Replace old talent trees.

Azerite Gear,
Hearth of Azeroth Essences,

So many layers that will make the casual player confused and the class balance near impossible just to replace a system designed 14 years ago (talent trees).

Just go back to them…

You didnt improve:

  1. Cookie Cutter builds
  2. Balance

You did however removed:

  1. the feel of increased power while leveling
  2. Ability to make hybrid specs

I think its just a no brainer, instead of making inceptsystem (system on top of a system on top of a system) to improve class design… just go when class design was actually fun, doesnt require a genius to understand this.

I know this system actually was really hard to design, but its not about making things even more complex…

Easy to play
Hard to master