Heirlooms need a re buff


Since returning to WoW I have noticed that Heirlooms have been nerfed to complete turd, to the point where quest items of the same level are actually 1 to 2 items levels higher. The only benefit in actually wearing Heirlooms are the exp bonus otherwise they would be traded in.

I appreciate that prior to the nerf there was a huge contrast between players who had heirlooms and players who did not but I do feel that the nerf has NOT taken into consideration that all players who had heirlooms WORKED for them and EARNED them. Lets not forget that we also have to spend further gold to upgrade them. Don’t get me wrong I ma not completely against the nerf but Heirlooms should NOT be worse than quest level gear it just doesn’t make sense who at Blizzard thought this up.

I honestly think this all boils down to Blizzard being greedy and wanting to frustrate players into buying level boosts as I do not understand why players who have grinded for heirlooms are being punished.

I genuinely hope that Heirlooms are revisited in the near future and potentially re buffed to bring them up just a tad so that they are better than quest gear but I highly doubt this will happen.


Very seldom do I find quest gear being better, except maybe from dungeons. But even if it is, it’s only by a few points. Nothing you’re really going to notice while levelling.
You get the added benefit of having them auto scale, so you never have to worry about growing out of them. I think they’re fine the way they are if I’m being honest.
Obviously I wouldn’t cry if they were buffed, heh. But yeah, I don’t believe they need it.


That’s a great idea, OP. I enjoyed reading it. I do have one critique however. I think what would make it better is if an exalted reputation timegated quest was added. I think that this would be a lore friendly and fun way to add more enjoyment into your idea


If you get an item that is better than heirlooms you can always change gear but you will lose the extra experienced gained

Heirlooms is good enough all the way up to 120, you don’t really need to kill a mob 0,5 second faster to make it worth for the experienced gained

I have never felt that my heirlooms was bad since I enchant them witch is hardly worth it on quest gear


And here is again! I was wondering where you went after you didnt reply anymore after putting words in my mouth and not being able to reply after i put you in your place in your last(of the numerous) complaining about allied races-thread


I feel like the point in heirlooms is not only the experience buff, but the fact that you don’t have to replace that slot at any point during leveling (if maximum upgraded, of course). For slots that a player does not have heirlooms equipped, sometimes you can go many, many levels without seeing an upgrade- heirlooms eliminate this problem.

About the ilvl: I don’t see any issues with it being very slightly worse than gear that drops, it’s always just 1-2 ilvls behind blue equipment dropping in dungeons. The stats on low-level gear rarely increase much during leveling anyway.


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Ah sorry my friend my reply was aimed at Goldsmith who was here spamming the same message over and over again in each thread, he’s probably enjoying a little vacation by now

Edit: oh and i agree with your post OP, heirlooms should at least be equal to questing and dungeon gear, so that give at least the xp bonus

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I usually find heirlooms are fine when you clock them over each milestone, for example from 80 to 81. The stats increase enough to be competitive.

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Honestly, we need more heirlooms for the rest of the slots, not 1238123781273812973481293 more trinkets or cloaks of which we already have a plenty.


I can just imagine the horrors if blizz made the heirloom system like the pathfinding ones! To use it from 1to 60 now you need 2 achievements, 1 heirloom master part 1 (insert things you don’t want to really do in vanilla wow here) after 6 months of in game timer to count down after you complete part 1 you can start part 2 (insert random rep grinds in here)
Repeat for every 10 lvl’s so every expansion has it!

The horrors of such system. I get the shivers from it.

ps: if this does happen one day i think i deserve bonus points if they also intended to remove it at first!

on topic: Heirlooms are nice for leveling like other people said that you don’t need to constantly replace your gear with new stuff.

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