Hello! a friendly one. ^^

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Really?..so you’re telling me that if this was some 52 year old man that’s in between jobs, who is shy and is looking to make friends, you would be the first one in the queue to give him your battle tag?

Exactly, but you would for the 19 year old (in your head) Swedish female supermodel.

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Canabal, even though you’re a wee bit of a cynic your posts do make me giggle sometimes - in a good way


Yes because I used to be in the exact same boat just younger than your example.

I know it’s hard for you to believe but there are good people out there Canabal :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Shadow rocks, fudge your “friend” tbh!!! My Main is a shadow priest and its awesome!

Welcome to the game :smiley:


thank you all for your nice comments :slight_smile: some people added me and i chatted with them yesterday. all of them were very nice and kind. :heart:


Hey there Nøire!

Just wanted to pop-in and say hi. :blush: All of the helpful resources for finding people to play with, and communities to join, have already been posted by some of our regulars here.

The only other thing I’d add is to stop by the New/Returning Players section if there’s anything you’re confused about or need help with in the game. Many of the players who post in that section will be happy to provide advice, tips, help, or a pointer in the right direction. Though I suspect you’re fairly in the know already considering you mention Mythic+ in your post, but it’s a section that’s there if you need.

Have a nice day!


thank you for all the advices! i will definetly take a look at that :slight_smile:

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Wow isn’t too bad compared to some other games and female gamers are on the rise in general. We seem to be fairly common in games like WoW.

My guildies and friends know I’m female but random people I run into in game I never feel the need to correct them when they call me ‘dude’, ‘bro’ etc. I’ve never lied about it either. If asked I will say. It’s generally not something that comes up. Most will presume a player is male.

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I would like to welcome you to the good part of the community :smiley: and to offer you a place in my super friendly and casual guild on terrokar or darkspear realm if you ever decide to make some new friends there join us /whisper Halicos on terrokar realm if you are interested we are always looking for new friends that is if you make an alliance char :stuck_out_tongue:.

(Canabal) #58

No it’s not hard to believe, there are exceptions to every rule.

The rule being, no guy is trying to hang out with a girl because he wants to be friends with her.

It’s a waste of time.


i have an alliance toon that is 120 on Sylvanas :slight_smile: would love to make a character in your realm and join though!

(Yolandass) #61

Well you are welcome to join anytime also one off topic thing your char name reminds me of LA Noire for some reason hehe :joy:.


you don’t have to apologize for being awkward…to pinch a line from Fish (Marillion…not the swimmy kind)
‘all the best freaks are here’…:slight_smile:


Welcome to WoW!
(and it’s forums!)
Hope you have a great time and make amazing friends for years and years to come!


@Nøire - If you ever play Alliance, feel free to ask for help from myself Grimroq-Vek’nilash - with anything. I play with a very small bunch of friends exclusively for the reason of playing M+, but mainly just to chat and have fun and be helpful. We also like leveling characters, running old stuff for achieves and T-mog.

This goes out to everyone btw. Just know we are broad-minded adults with an “adult” sense of humour :stuck_out_tongue:

Whatever you do, I hope you find a great place with good people! Have fun and good luck.

(Turidas) #65

Really liking to read some more positive threads. \o/

I’m sure you’re getting bombarded by people by now with wanting to become friends so if you just need some good help to gear yourself up at 120 or just boost your levels, just give me a nudge!


Hey man! Our guild is a friendly guild doing regular raid runs as a guild, also taking randoms to foster a positive community. Contact me ingame if intrested.

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Sorry i don’t make friends with horde


uhm… o…kay?


Welcome to the game and the forums :slight_smile: