Hello, my name is unlucky

Was born this way, will die this way

Bye :slight_smile:


We make our own luck.

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Could you help teach me how to roll better, my average roll across last 3 weeks has been so poor that people would genuinely call me a liar if I said it. Think I did something bad to blizzard :frowning:

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I would love to teach you but i’d need someone to teach me first. My highest roll over the last 8 weeks is 17 and i’ve lost count on how many times i have rolled a 13!! :pleading_face:

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Simple. You get rid of all the bad rolls before the event begins. Before first pull, do as many random /rolls as it takes to give you a low number, then do it again until you’ve rolled several low numbers on the trot. That’s all your bad rolls gone, leaving you only with good rolls.

Also worth bearing in mind that dungeon loot is seeded by the order in which the group enters the portal. If any plate-wearing class enters first the majority of the loot will be cloth or leather, if a clothy enters first and no Paladin is in the group almost all loot will be spell plate.

You just got to know the code.

Rolls? That’s absolutely normal. I lose most rolls, with the exception of items where it’s only me and our guild leader rolling on an item. That’s the only situation where I win every time.

You dont roll in gdkp

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Do you believe in jesus?
If you dont, why do you join a SR run in the frist place.
I also guess you never see the moments when you are really lucky.

The rng is the other people who join who have more gold. So its even worse as you loose your items before the raid even started.

I recently got the ilvl258 cloak from 50/50 tribute chest and also swift horde wolf. From a pug sr run.

On the other hand, I’ve seen reign of the dead drop twice, and lost the roll to a spellhance shsman twice. But pursuing something keeps the dopamine flowing. When you get all the items you want you get bored quickly, I know from experience.

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You need to let them rise for a second time before you bake them.

Ngl, there is 100% something messed up in the way rng is coded in WoW. I’ve started noting my rolls on raidloot last few weeks and the average roll has been so low that everybody would instantly call me a liar for saying it.

I may not be a mathmatician but I do have enough experience in data statistics to know these averages are borderline unachievable with true rng.

And yes, I do know samplesizes, I raid across multiple characters so I get quite a few rolls in.

Idk i find boring doing ulduar 45 times and seeing like 2-3 flares.

I wouldn’t be surprised if RNG in this game was based on account seeds because it’s simpler to implement in digital form than true RNG.

Wow RNG(drops, rolls) are pseudo-rng and not true rng so it might be very well plausible to get “statistically impossible” streaks of bad and good luck.

hi just replying for wcl update, ty

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