Hellscream Alliance Reconnections


Dazkareith/Draevos a Priest from Hellscream
I was at Elysium with Anastasia , Blood Inc with Tinuviel and Nierere, Malfurion Hope and Raven Craws

Good where the old days


Hi Ryana, hope youre well! If youre planning on playing classic and interested in joining us again, give me a shout! Would be really happy to have you a long again. My tag is togashi#21603


I was in Elysium in late BC - early WOTLK. Wasn’t there long though as I hadn’t been playing wow that long before joining and was very green. I remember an excellent hunter called Nomad who taught me a few things.

Will be on Pyrewood on launch and will hopefully group up with other Ankh members.

Good to see asylum in this thread also, another fantastic guild.


Well this is a pretty nostalgic day waves


Now with the good character (these new forums are complicated!)

Wayland, human warrior/tank. Started with Guardians of Destiny at first, then Warders of the West, who kinda merged into Blood Inc.


Sent you a message over battlenet mate.


Tinuviel, that name rings a bell ! i was in elysium for a while with my rogue Aneroz.


She is still playing from what I know shes on ‘Sempher Fi’ Guild


Baksi, paladin, I played with Elysium & Symbiosis!


I remember you from Blood Inc! What ever happened to Nierere?


He still plays in other server, he is good ^^

Tyrandes Spirit <3 the memories is Velvet there?

Hows Coran and Cylana?
where is Umfundisi, Covenat, Azix, Squib, is Sturm still playing?


I don’t really play retail any more, but they’re all still playing in TS :slight_smile:


Ok Zeena, wow the memories came flashing back

(Metalj) #65

That’s awesome, my cousin and his friend were an Ankh member back in the day. And completely unrelated I happened to join Coffee Addicts Anonymous earlier this month (they’re also gonna play on pyrewood) Will be nice to know there will be some familiar faces around.


Good to see you are still playing Stark!


wow old face, I am the old guild leader of Union, before it imploded lol :slight_smile: hope all is well matey. What realm you planning on jumping into


Anxiety, Human, Warlock.
Started in sempher fi (if I recall correctly it was misspelled) and then most of vanilla in Einherjar
Fizz, Captainahab, Alkar, Falligstar, Sharo


Sunil, Human, Warrior

Was in Mithras! Would be great to see where everyone is playing this time around.


Delto, Human Mage.

I was in The Forgotten Legends, then later Symbiosis. Nice to see some familiar faces!


the only two guilds i remember i was in … Illusionz End and Circle of Valor