Help and Advice grinding Void Elves


Hi everyone

I’ve decided to give it a shot and try to unlock Velves and just wanted a bit of advice. Whats the best way to do it? Kill all the elites ?
I dont think anyone is doing invasions either
im currently 4k into honored

all help appreciated
Not sure how long its going to take me and not sure its even worth it at this point :confused:


Do all elite quests on Argus.
No matter if they are Army of light or Argussian reach, they give rep for both factions.

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This might also help you


I found Void Elves and LF Draenei to be the easiest ones to grind. I just did all the quests on Argus and continued to do all world quests when ever i had the chance for a few hours online.
I have somewhat reduced available play time each week so i had to dedicate my mind to only focus on LF and Argussian Reach rep the whole time i was online. I did nothing else those couple of hours online a week for a few weeks.

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Since you basically 1 shot everything on Argus now it’s very easy to grind.

Clear the world quests in those area for a few days and you are good to go.


Lok’Tar friend! I too love to grind void elves. Blunt force works best but with enough willpower any weapon is good. Hope this helps, happy hunting and goodluck!


Thanks for the replies guys !
i’ll try to progress through the quests daily begrudgingly
just realised Hunters camo has been changed -.-

Off topic but is 9.0 the next expansion? I’ve read it in other threads etc but it often reads as if its this expac ?

Have a nice week everyone


The first number in patches is the expansion, so 9.0 will be the launch patch of the next expansion and then the expansion after would be 10.0 etc.

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I’m replying to this thread just for the utterly amazing and innuendo ridden thread title.

“OOOO ERRR! And may I say what a smashing blouse you have on!”


You should probably learn a real dance instead of just grinding on us…

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