Help - character stuck



After completing the final quest for the insurrection storyline, my character got stuck in a stationary moving animation.

I can’t actually move, I can see through walls, I can’t use a heartstone, I can’t use the unstuck or teleport out features and I cannot log out or exit the game.

‘you cant do that while moving’ when I attempt heartsone
‘you cannot log out now’ when I try logout or exit game
‘you cannot do that right now’ when I use the unstuck and teleport feature

Im looking through the support articles ingame and there is NOTHING there for an issue like this and I can’t seem to contact anyone for a live chat to explain the issue either.

The only thing I can think of is kill the WoW task but Im afraid my character will become unable to be logged into for the rest of the day while I NEED to use the character right now.

Please help, thank you


Do you have a possibility to get your character killed? Like - Warmode on and a friend on the opposite faction or a priest who could leap-of-faith you into the water so you drown or something like that? Dying helps a lot of times…



On top of the massive ingame issue I now got automatically silenced from the forum for posting that image too (I assume, the message doesnt tell me why and this is the only post Ive made in two weeks on the forum)

what is going on with the quality of everything blizzard!??!

(posting this from gf account)


oh and no I cant turn warmode on, and Im probably out of bounds and away from any monsters


Esc to get the menu up.


Character stuck!

Should port you to the nearest graveyard.

Unless that’s what you meant by can’t use unstuck features


I can’t log out I get an error ‘you can’t do that right now’ even exit game doesnt work

A GM contacted me ingame and helped me, thankfully as I was panicking pretty hard (as far as game panicking goes)

I would set this thread to resolved but I got silenced from Mizrael for posting an image allegedly and on this character I cannot post more than 3 replies in the same thread because gf never posted on forum before. What a headache lol

Thank you all very much for trying to help! I appreciate it.

so I’ll do this a bit barbaric but



Have you tried logging out for about 15-20 minutes. Sorry. I mean Killing WoW with Alt-F4 and giving it 15-20 minutes. That’s how long it usually takes to get the server to recognise your character is gone.

I’ve had to do that.

If you do try to log in again and can’t, log in on another character on your account. That should force the server to recognise that your character isn’t there.


Okay, then try to open a ticket.

Help > open ticket > ingame issues > character problem > unable to move.
These tickets are prioritised and a GM should be able to help with your issue.
It looks like you’re stuck in a phase which won’t load correctly, so I am not sure if relogging would work.
Something similar happened to me and I couldn’t use the character until the next serverreset… (well, I could’ve written a ticket, but there was no need to since it was only an alt)


That’s great to know, then have fun and I hope it won’t happen again to you :slight_smile:


Happy to see that’s been sorted Lucanipsa :slight_smile:

Have a few seconds to spare? Let me know how I’m doing!