Help needed for a new CPU


Hello ppl!
I wanna upgrade my pc current CPU (i5 6600k) to ryzen 7 2700x or i7 9700k but can’t decide wich is better for running BFA. Money isn’t an issue atm and I just want to get the best performance out of them.

Thanks in advance!


I am running wow with a ryzen 7 2700X and i run it on 10 without any problems :slight_smile:

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Im running WoW with an i5 3570k and no problems at all and thats at 1440p so if you’re only playing WoW your CPU is more than enough.


The Ryzen 2700x is a great CPU for it’s value.
But keep in mind that Ryzens are known for their slighty high power usage.
Ryzen also tends to work better with high-speed RAM, go for atleast 3200Mhz.

On the other hand Intel is known for it’s stability. The I7 9600k is great and will overclock like a charm.

If money isn’t an issue, I would go for the I7.


I already bought the i7 :slight_smile: works pritty great :slight_smile:

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The fewer cores the faster they are within the same gen and of the same quality level (high end or low end)
The slower the cores are the more there are available for multitasking
I’d say I5-I7, with the processor change my best guess is your processor wont be your bottleneck anymore of you get the latest gen
For me it was RAM speed that bottlenecked after getting the I-5 (and back to gpu again when that was solved)


Great choice!

Have fun with it ^^


Well you gave your answer in the question if you have lots of money and its not a problem allways buy intel thats it

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