Help plz lol

New to ele sham yesterday, when do i use lightning bolt? other rotation straight forward spread flame shock, primordial off target etc blow everyone up with lava burst, but i never know when to use lightning bolt, is it a filler ability or?

Yup it’s a filler, only frost shock is lower (whilst moving).

In PvE you use it as a filler when lavaburst and Ele blast (if you play with that) are on cd (which doesn’t happen that much atm because of the set bonus) unless you play with master of the elements. Then you should try to use the buff with lightning bolt when you don’t have enough maelstrom for earth shock/earthquake. You want to do this especially when you have stormkeeper up to further boost the dmg of your instant lightning bolts.
In PvP you pretty much never want to hardcast lightning bolts because enemy players will instantly interrupt you on those which locks you out of nature school. This is extremly dangerous for shamans because you loose access to almost all of your utility when locked on nature.
Greetings :slight_smile:

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