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Hello, when look at professions i have Fishing 1/75 Northrend Fishing, but normal fishing is 188/300 and i am in Orgrimmar and fishing, but Northrend is selected, how do i increase normal fishing because its not increasing when im fishing in Orgrimmar.
gyazo. com/5f100749fbac7bf3a6a2f3023b7f99ec (screenshot)

You dont select different ones at all, they are automatically increased for the zone you are in as long youve bought the tier.

But afaik, theres just way low skill chance for fishing in capitals, get out in the world.

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It may be confusing now because there are no level required zones in vanilla except some like tanaris etc, at this skill point i would fish in dustwallow marsh -> thousand needless -> tanaris -> un’ goro ->silithius

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Hey Foxiss,

The advice that you’ve received in here is pretty solid, travel around the world and fish to increase the normal Fishing skill. If you wish to increase the Northrend Fishing skill, you will need to fish around the Northrend areas. Best of luck with this!

I experience the same, If I buy fishing skill for a zone higher than the one I am in, I can’t level the lower zone fishing any more.

The way fishing works is super wierd, and to be honest, you should level all fishing levels with the fishing you have for the current content. Like if you reach 300 BFA fishing, you will automaticly have the same for all prior expansions.
If this is not an option, then you guys really need to rework how fishing works :confused:

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