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Hello, im forced to sell my gaming station (amd 2600, gtx 960,8gb ddr4, ssd, 45fps bg on 7) at home, because ill be traveling a lot. Im gonna keep my 32” 2K screen at home and occasionaly use it when im home along with new laptop.
So my question is…Is the i7 8750h, gtx 1060, 16gb, m.2 ssd able to delivery same performance as my homestation(spec at the begging).

i dont have any experiences with gaming laptops as i was traveling only with my macbook now. Primarly i play WoW and heroes of the storm.

i wonder if 800$ more for gtx 1070 will make huge difference for me, if you see my station spec.

many thanks in advance
im kinda lost and ive seen whole youtube reviews but still no smarter :slight_smile:


Since Nvidia released the 10th generation of GTX videocards they’ve significantly reduced the difference between the desktop and mobile variants of their cards.
GTX 1060 is a good card and should be enough for you.

Not sure if 800$ for a GTX1070 is worth it. If I were you I’d probably go for the GTX1060 and if I needed better graphics I’d just start a subscription to Shadow gaming.


Yeah its like 400$ now as ive seen today, but still wondering about brand in czech theres only Msi asus acer on this setup, 17” etc.

right now is MSI GP73 8RE-444CZ Leopard winning in my eyes.


MSI and ASUS are great brands for gaming laptops. The specifications you metion are just fine. The 1060 is great for games like HoTs and WoW.

Just watch out for laptops getting too hot. I would do some research about past heat problems on the specific product before I buy.

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