Heroic is too easy

I don’t know what happened with tuning or gearing, but heroic raid is too easy. I only raid heroic once a week, and we killed 7 bosses the first time we stepped into the raid. Our raid will probably kill Sarkareth in the next 3 to 4 raids and then we have downtime until 10.2. Sepulcher was cool and we had a good time progressing on 4 bosses. Now we have 2 hard bosses.

If blizzard will continue with small boss number raids, can we have atleast half have more than 1 mechanic that will do more than a tickle on heroic? The idea of half the raid being a dps dummy is stupid.

I understand that the real progression raiding difficulty is mythic, but I don’t think bosses should flop over on heroic either. The gearing is fast, but we aren’t full 440, we’re like 425-430. I don’t get it.

Thanks for reading.

Sarkareth slaps even on normal, on HC it’s probably huge healing check.

I dont think they do, maybe a few bosses. However i dont think HC is too hard reqlistically.

The issue was raiding in SL was just too difficult and absoluted destroyed alot of guilds doing wuat it did

aggree DF raids are more or less same level as Battle for Azeroth raids now, what is actulay good.

Numbers flushed down the toilet, they listened for once and did not tune for jobless people. It should stay this way… much better than S1


and thats a good thing Even guilds like echo, method, limit said it its good that it isnt hard tbh. or do u wanna bash your head against a wall?

Sarkareth on HC is basicaly on the level of Early mythic bosses.

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For the first time i can play alts instead of bashing my head against content and have some fun in the game, tuning done just right tbh.

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I think for an MMO the difficulty is spot on.

For eldenring hard content they have mage tower which is fitting those who want harder content.

Raids should be an community cinematic mode with reasonable difficulty.

Who cares what those guilds think, they are not heroic guilds. Ofcourse they would want heroic to be as easy as possible, so they can splitrun it with 5 guild characters and 25 ‘helpers’ to feed them all gear.

Heroic guilds that don’t progress mythic should have something to progress on. I completely disagree with all of you saying it should be faceroll and that the current difficulty is good. To each their own.

HC isn’t supposed to be hard, back in the days heroic was normal and mythic was heroic, current normal did not exist and was called flexible for some time. So if you want something that requires skill go push high keys or play mythic raid

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My opinion is not about heroic being hard. It’s about how the first bosses are a joke compared to the last 2.
Maybe it’s because they decided to stagger the drops and increase ilvl as you progress in the raid, and so they are all tuned for lower ilevel and so the difference in tuning between first few and last few boss is gigantic… But with crests it’s meaningless to stagger ilvl because at the end of the day every boss in there drops hero gear.

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