[H][EU] Threeaction 7/10M

Threeaction is the third iteration of the guild Reaction that has been ongoing since WotLK. We are a bunch of raiders that have extensive raid experience, including many realm firsts, and are (re)forming under a more casual, yet competitive atmosphere this time.

Our raid days are: Thursday: 19:30-23:00 Monday: 19:30-23:00

What we expect:
-A near 100% attendance will be required. We understand IRL can be a priority sometimes but we strive to have a small roster of the best players we can find, so not being able to attend one or both of our raid days can severely hurt our ability to progress.
-Be knowledgeable about your class, specialization, and the game. We’re looking for players who take initiative in reading up about encounters and are up to date with their class and preferred spec.
-Be chill, be nice, and come with an open-mind. And most importantly be able to take criticism.

What we’ll give:
-A clear and concise plan prior to raids with what we believe to be optimal strategies and roles. We are of course open to the idea of better strategies, so feel free to share.
-A nice and friendly raiding atmosphere.
-A casual but competitive schedule. Cutting edge is the goal; and we know criticism can sometimes be key to achieve that.

The key to progress in Threeaction is patience . In our books, it’s a marathon. The first tier we get Cutting Edge, no matter how late. The second tier and beyond we aim to go for higher ranks, and we would like you to join us in that.

What do we need? Currently we need a great mage and shadowpriest. Any other class is currently on hold, unless you consider yourself exceptional. Logs are an absolute must.

Apply at: h ttps://forms.gle/N7z8WL62pLKenbou5

For more details please talk to us at:
Heyn#2231 (bnet)
Heyn#5663 (discord)

Odoac#1572 (bnet)
Odoac#8422 (discord)

Still in need of more raiders!

Still spots open, however a Resto Shaman and Brewmaster Monk is in high demand!

Still looking for great dps, and a resto shaman (high demand)!

Bump! A resto shaman, a mage, a DH. Regardless of needs, if you’re interested give us a call and we’ll listen!

Still in need of a resto shaman and a demon hunter and will always have room for exceptional players regardless of needs. Add us if you’re interested.

Bump! Actively searching for a holy paladin or mistweaver monk. Also in need of a dps warrior.

Bump! Actively looking for a dps warrior, a dk and a few ranged dps to complete our team. Hit us up if you’re interested!

All roles are welcome, highest priority on holy paladins and death knights.

Specifically looking for a Shadow Priest and a Hunter! Any other exceptional dps are always welcome to apply :slight_smile:

Specifically looking for a mage!

Bump! Final players for our roster! Specifically looking for a mage, sp and a DK to fill up our roster. Any exceptional player always welcome to apply!

Bump! The last few players to fill our roster. We’re really looking forward to Shadowlands, and hope we can have you with us on this ride!

Bump! We are currently looking for a few ranged dps, dps death knight and possibly one more melee (non dh/rogue) to finalize our roster for SL!

Bump! Hope everyone is having a great time in SL! We’re still looking for great ranged dps and possibly a melee (non dh/rogue) to bolster the roster!

Looking for an exceptional mage! Hit us up if you think you got what it takes!

Looking for a great mage and shadow priest. Anything else on hold currently. Unless you think you have what it takes!

Progress started! Want to join? We’re in need of a great mage, warlock and shadowpriest. Exceptional melee are of course welcome to apply!

Looking to progress into heroic and mythic with a core of realm first experienced players? We’re currently looking for good warlocks, mages and shadow priests to strengthen our core going into tougher progression!

Looking for a mage, resto shaman (HIGH prio) and any exceptional melee dps to go into mythic together!

Don’t hesitate to add me or odoac if you have any questions!