[H][EU][DRAENOR] <Atrox> 4/12 Mythic LF DPS to bolster our ranks

Hi there!

Atrox are a long established guild on Draenor who are looking to bolster our ranks in Mythic raiding!

Currently on 4/12 Mythic we are seeking more dps to kill the things and get the purples! :smiley:

Currently looking for:

Fire Mage
Balance Druid

Other specs will be considered. We currently raid Weds/Sun 8.30pm - 10pm Server time.

We are a friendly bunch and are very active in game and have a solid discord community :slight_smile:

If you are interested in joining us or have any questions feel free to contact us on bnet!


Thanks for reading :smiley:

Still looking for a Mage.