[H][EU][Draenor] <Snake Eyes> 10/10HC SoD AotC Guild - LFM

Snake Eyes has now survivedtwo tiers, acheiving our goal of AotC quite comfortably and we are now looking to fill the spots with some active gamers looking to do M+ and some heroic raids.

Currently looking for:
All specs - if tank it will be for M+ only currently and DPS in raids.

We are a casual guild, we will aim for AotC each tier and then if we have plenty of time and people, some mythic bosses. Ideally you would enjoy actually spending time in the game, chilling or doing m+ and that.
We have good banter, and would suit anyone who isn’t going to bring drama and just wants to play the game.

Raid nights are Thursday and Sunday, from 2030 to 2300 server time, because I’m old and set the times to suit myself. It’s a perk.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, then get in touch with me on either bnet ID Dezzeh#2492 or Discord Dez#7975

Still looking for a few people to get our numbers back up around 20

Alright lads, last bump for a few more DPS types before it’s go time, talk to me about how hard you wanna pump.

Small bump, got 5/10 in our first raid and felt good to get back in to it.
Could use a resto druid and a death knight though as the 93 of each we had at 9.0 have stopped playing

Right, we got to 10/10 Normal already, we move in to HC this week which is a treat.
I am looking for a DPS with tank OS to cover for when one of us two regulars can’t make it.

4/10 HC on our first step in to it, still looking for tanky dps’r

More bump, could use a mage like, and still someone dps/tanky

Another bump, could use more range of any type really, maybe a DK, and a tanky type

Could still use that DPS with Tank dreams

We’ve slacked off the last week or so because it’s summer and will be slacking off another couple, but, I still need a tank!

Still slacking off cos summer, but, actively seeking a Monk that can play all specs

Bump, actually did a prog raid and killed Painsmith, so we got that going for us.
Loot Pinata will be done on Sunday too.
Still looking for a competent Monk and Mage

Still want a Monk, and a couple range people because well, we dont have many.

Two more down, join us.

Anyone still playing this game? Come, play with us.

Bump for tank and people that arent sick of the patch already

Don’t need a tank now, still looking for a monk and mage.
We now on 9/10, go team.

What about a husband and wife who are too old to care if they get in a raid team or not and just want to do some keys, have a laugh and make people think “actually, these two are quite good, lets get them raiding?”

I don’t hate the idea, contact me in game/discord

Looking for a healer now as well, preferably R. sham