[H][EU][Kazzak]<Reach> 7/9 Mythic

Welcome to Reach!

About Reach

Reach is an international English-speaking guild comprised primarily of British, Scandi and Dutch players. Reach which was formed in 9.0 and has successfully raided multiple tiers on mythic. Reach is Led by ex-mythic CE raiders and has an active community consisting of friendly teamwork focused players. Reach has recently transitioned to a more relaxed raiding environment focused on having fun while clearing content and is now pushing for CE after great success in 10.0 after starting 2 months late. Our previous goal at Reach is to build solid foundations of a friendly teamwork focused community with quality players which also, enjoy playing together before we push for CE. We feel this has now been achieved and are now focusing on pushing for CE in 10.1. If this seems like a right fit for you Reach is now recruiting.

Current Rog:

-Echo 12%
-Magmarox 63
-Zskarn 58 pulls
-Rashok 47 pulls
-Forgotten 35 pulls

Previous progression: (reformed 2 month in)
-Vault Mythic 7/8

What we are looking for:
-Players Comfortable with communicating
-Players which are Comfortable with their class
-Are active players
-Players who want a friendly social environment
-Dedicated players
-Want to be a part of a team
-Want to engage with the community

What we offer:
-Active inclusive community
-Working together as a team learning content and improving together
-Positive raiding environment
-A highly social community
-Community events
-Frequently form multiple groups to push high mythic+ keys (Push Rio/ Weekly Vault)
-Alt clears

Raid times (server time):
-Wednesday 20:00-23:00
-Monday 20:00-23:00
-Optional alt clear Sunday

Current Recruitment:
We are currently recruiting likeminded players to bolster our raid team.

Currently recruiting:
-Holy paladin(High)
-Disc priest(High)

-Exceptional players always welcome-Nothing specific just looking for quality players

-Any tank (High)

-Dps with healer offspec

-Exceptional players always welcome

Apply here:

WorkShy#21952 Bnet
jayt_1011 Discord