[H][EU][Ragnaros] <AYAYA> is looking for a couple more DPS for heroic

AYAYA is a horde guild on the EU server Ragnaros. We are currently 10/10 normal and 7/10 heroic. Our leadership has been raiding since TBC and WOTLK respectively and have been playing together through all of BFA.

We’re recruiting for DPS and a healer! Our aim is to first get AOTC and then see how far we can push mythic while building a stable core roster.

We are looking for reliable people, preferably with previous mythic raid experience who are constantly working to improve themselves, to fill out our core roster.

We do not raid on Wednesdays. Our raid days are Thursday, Monday, and Tuesday.
Raid hours are 20:00 to 23:00 Central European Time

Raiders will be expected to be on time, come prepared with all necessary consumables, be able to use discord and talk if necessary, and maintain at least an 80% attendance record.

On saturdays we host an optional alt run, taking pugs as necessary to fill the group. This run will also take place between 20:00 and 23:00

If you are interested in joining us or have any questions please contact Shieldie#5034 on Discord

7/10h btw :slight_smile:

OP was updated to reflect our 7/10 as well as make more clear we don’t raid on Wednesdays

I want to join

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