Hex Instant PvP Dragonflight (Enha)

Hi Blizzard,

I don’t understand why Enhancement Shamans can’t still use INSTANT HEX with the Maelstrom Charges. Others Expansions Enha had it and WAS NOT OVERPOWER TO REMOVE IT FOR EVER.

I mean, EVERY CLASS IN THE GAME has something to do instant CC, stuns, fears, incaps, but for some reason, this spec can’t get an INSTANT cc to play properly PvP.

Is so hard to add Hex to the Maelstrom Charges? I don’t know, maybe reduce the duration of Hex instead of 8 to 5, add a PvP Talent even, mostly of classes can remove curses… how is possible in 2022 and in Dragonflight expansion we are still the unique spec in game without an instant CC. Lighting Lasso is totally useless for Enhancements.

Thanks and i hope you reconsiderate to be honest…


Probably because they want enh to just be a tunneling spec with offhealing and some anti-caster tools. Another 3 years of turbo only incoming I guess…

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Is the big problem of this gameplay, you can play only with warr to be competitive, you can’t play with hunter or demon hunter because you have 0 CC and you die so easy…

I’m tired too of playing only turbo and turbo and turbo


Laughs in WotLK classic

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you can just be lucky that warrior is viable 90% of the time, otherwise enhance would be autotrash if warrior was tuned to badly.

with DF we did not get more. In fact sometimes you might not even talent into hex at all, since you hardly get it of anyways.

They could at least make Nature’s Swiftness (in the class tree) apply to Hex. Hex is probably the only nature spell it doesn’t apply to, since it neither heals nor does damage.

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