Hexis [h - tarren mill] new guild [3/10m - progress]


A brand new guild, moving to Tarren Mill. We are a group of players that have been playing together for quite some time now and have met on multiple different games over the years.

We wanted a fresh start and have hopped onto Tarren Mill to progress Mythic Raiding. Most of us are 3/10m and it will not take us long before we hit that benchmark again and more.

The best time to join a guild is in it’s infancy and become a person who can shape it’s future.


We raid twice a week for 3 hours.

Friday and Saturday, 9:30pm - 12:30am server time.

  • Rotation, when people no longer need mythic bosses or the upgrade isn’t that great - we will need you to put your hand up and say you are happy to drop out. We need to keep everyone engaged and help everyone progress.
  • Loot Council, there will be NO loot council, however, we STRONGLY advise thinking about what you do with your loot if you don’t need it. If it’s a huge upgrade to someone you know, or someone deserves it more then please do pass it appropriately.

The goal is to become a competitive Mythic raiding guild, certainly not WF but we plan to get Cutting Edge every single patch.

Alt Runs
We WILL do Alt runs on a WEEKLY basis. These are completely optional but everyone will need an alt run at some point so please do consider turning up and helping others if you have no plans. There will be a minimum ilvl of 200, we will not boost you.

These will take place on Mondays 10:00pm server time - 12:00am server time.


Another goal for the guild is to have 20 people who are capable of boosting HC’s. I’d like to start making some gold back for all the time we are spending on the game, most of us are good enough to do it but we need commitments and consistency.


Contact any of the following:

Discord - Tekeii#9657
Battle.net - Tekeii#2753

Discord - Lewisgr101#9808
Discord - Care (Hassel)#1865

Not bumping

still recruiting for mythic

Still recruiting

still looking for a few members

Still looking for some pumpers, we are 3/10m and pushing 5/10m this week.

still looking for a few more players to fill out our team

LF multiple blasters