(H)<FTL- Ragnaros> Semi-hardcore curve seeking new members

Good 2021 to you all!

One last final push to complete the raiding team as we venture further into HC, with no urgency to clear in a rapid pace.

Any class is welcome but only as DPS. Our social members would love any class combo for no raid events with Mythic+ being the main choice.

Just need to stress here that we are not a super progressive team, although we will clear content quite quickly. We are seeking calm individuals who can appreciate that this guild caters for all backgrounds and experiences, as such we don’t prioritize quick progression over a strong social aspect outside of the raids.

If you would like to chat with us and find out more information then you are most welcome.

Hey folks,

We are now seeking the following to compliment our raid team;


Raiders expected to have Ilvl 170+ for normal CoN and 185+ for HC CoN, activity outside of raids is a requirement. We want to see all members group up rather than pug a sit benefits the guild overall, only raid logging results in losing raid spot and eventual guild removal.

Even if your class is not mentioned, you are welcome to still contact us.

Social spots always available.

I’m looking for a friendly, social guild to raid with. I work as well so most of my time to game comes at the weekend. Currently a 178 frost mage so can probably only make Normal but working on my ilvl.

Hey Adraea,

You are more than welcome to add us for a chat and we can discuss options :+1:

Hey folks,

We’ve been very busy with guild events, especially the raiding side. Condensing our team down to 15 from 26 was a very hard decision but for the best in the long run.

For those who have stepped away from progression raids, we are looking to run more M+ of all key levels. We are specifically seeking players who may be just starting the M+ grind, with much patience and an understanding that we will need to work together to time the keys. Elitism is not welcome in our roster, we are an inclusive guild with a calm mindset afterall.

A M+ community has also bee added for those who wish to stay loyal to their respective guilds.

Hey folks,

Been a crazy few days with us hitting 6/10HC and running a crazy amount of M+, as well as starting our own M+ community which has been positive so far. I will list what we are potentially seeking below:

Raid team

Warrior dps


All spec and class combo’s ( More information will be on the community recruitment post).

Hey folks,

For the raid team, we are still seeking the above mentioned classes as priority but very much open to others. Currently sitting at 6/10HC and pushing forward, we need more raiders that are active outside of the scheduled raids.

Contact me if you have any questions

Hey folks,

After a frustrating night of Sludgefist progress, the officer team has agreed to push forward more recruitment in order to fully bolster our team to gain Ahead of the Curve.

On top of this we put forward the suggestion of early Mythic bosses to our raid team who were in full agreement. As such we would like to add the following:

  • Paladin Holy

  • Discipline Priest

  • Tank - any class

  • Mage

  • Warlock

  • Rogue

  • Warrior

  • Balance Druid

Please contact me on LFC#21212 for more information.

Hey all,

Sludgefist down after 2 attempts with Stone Generals falling shortly after, next week will hopefully be Sire progression.

However we are in need of a 2nd Tank due to a change in the team, a Healer also would be a good addition. We aim to also attempt early Mythic bosses but no plan to push through for CE.

Hey folks,

Listing below what we’d like for mythic team completion.

Healer - any class but Holy Paladin priority
Elemental Shaman
Balance Druid

All classes welcome to contact me.

Mythic+ open to all.

Hey folks,

Below is what we seek most of all as we step closer to early Mythic progression.

Other classes will always be considered but the Tank role is closed.

We are working on Sire HC currently and will start Mythic content as soon as we clear HC.

Mythic+ always open for anyone interested regardless of class/role.

You are always welcome to contact me with questions via the listed btag or by jumping into the guild discord.

Final push to clear Heroic Sire and move onto Mythic content. Listing below what we’d like to have:

Havoc DH
Elemental Shaman

Any dps class with a viable Tank offspec.

Please contact me if interested in a calm early Mythic bosses progress.

Hey folks,

Currently seeking an experienced Tank ready for Sire HC and possibly early Mythic progress, any class considered.

DPS also welcome to contact us.

Hey folks,

Sire finally down and curve achieved, looking to continue farming while we recruit several dps ready for Mythic progress.

A Tank would be welcomed also.

Hey there folks,

Still looking to add several new faces to the team for continued HC clears and early Mythic progression. Ideally we are looking for players who have experience of at least 9/10HC and are ready to step into Mythic progress.

All DPS open
Tank for main team, any class will be fine.

To clarify, we are not aiming for CE this tier but more of an initial step into the difficulty to see how we cope.

Hey, i have added your bnet for a chat when youre free. Im a 219 vdh looking for a new home for now and beyond and it seems like our goals are aligned.

Great, I will look out for it as I’m online tonight. No friend request pop up just yet though.

Quick update to say that our discord server will now prompt new members to head to an application link.

This application will separate social and raiders when applying to the guild.

We look forward to future applications.

Hey folks,

Want to attempt Mythic content for the first time? Then join us as we do the same.

Still seeking the mentioned classes in OP as priority but able to add any class with no real issues providing all raid buffs are covered.

Contact us for more information if interested.

We are also open to potentially joining forces to grab some early progress providing 1 of our raid nights match.

Interested Guild Leaders should contact us if this sounds good. Have guild progress of 10/10 HC.