[H]<Geola> M+/Social/Ego-free!

Geola is a newly formed guild on Ragnaros! We are looking to put together a strong squad to combat the Shadowlands raids. We are currently recruiting all classes and specs.

Although we are a new guild, we got a leadership team with raiding and leading experience. Geola will be a social but competitive raiding guild that raids two days a week (Raid days are expected to be Wednesday/Sunday 19:00-22:00ST) with a potential to add Tuesday, which will frequently be used at the start of a tier, or if we are close to a boss kill.

We are expecting to be a competitive guild and expect applicants to be committed to this goal. we are also recruiting for our social side of the guild, with the plan to run a social raiding schedule with the potential for people who have less experience in raiding making their way into the main team through this route. Mythic+ runs are already held daily.

What you can expect from us;
A stable guild with a strong core who are all like minded when it comes to progression: We want to progress at a fast pace, while still keeping the main goal our priority; Having fun. We want to create a culture where we learn from mistakes instead of punishing people for them. Outside of raiding, we are a social guild who run mythic keys, organize ingame & online event and having fun conversations on our discord.

What we expect from you;
We expect a high level of commitment from you. This means that we expect our members to keep up with class developments, min maxing everything that is considered reasonable and spending time to research mechanics and coming up with ideas / changes during progression. This does not mean that we require you to maintain a 99% raid attendance or you’ll be benched. Real life happens. We also expect you to be a decent human being and it goes without saying that toxicity in any form is just not tolerated.

Geola is not a PG guild
We are a group of adult gamers, and this also shows in our Discord / Guild chat. This does not mean that we swear and talk dirty, but you can expect occasional dark jokes.

Are you interested?
If you are interested to join our ranks, please apply to our Guildsofwow page, or visit our Discord server.

Guildsofwow: https://guildsofwow.com/geola
Discord: https://discord.geola-guild.com

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