High ping and spikes when raiding Serpent Shrine Cavern

Greetings, in recent weeks there’s been an annoying problem with high pings only in SSC raid while ping is not a problem in other raids (Tempest Keep, Gruul, or Magtheridon). The normal ping time for me on EU is around 90-100ms which is fine for me, but suddenly after entering SSC it spikes up to 200-300ms which makes the game somewhat unplayable. Need to mention that usually mostly 5-10 players are already entered the instance so I don’t think it has anything to do with how many players are in the same instance. I also double-checked my system settings such as the advanced logging option (which is not enabled). I thank you for your answers.

There shouldn’t be any real difference in latency based on which specific raid-dungeon is being entered - but we have received reports of specific addons going wildly off the rails in some places, even without advanced logging in place. In some cases that did lead to measurable increases in latency, based on sheer strain to the internet connection.

Mind giving the steps listed under this link a try, and see if it still happens then?