High world MS/PING please HELP!

since i’ve been unable to contact blizzard directly even tho i am playing and paying for the game for last 14 years i have to write here and HOPE for the answer from them or some1 competent.
i have restarted my internet router 2 days ago and ever since my World MS is going up to 270 up from 109ms. And i have noticed that my world ms has been oscillating so much whenever im in Oribos or when i enter battleground. I have also called my internet provider to reset my IP address and they have told me that everything with internet is fine from their side. Is there any possibility that something happened to server or is there any other way that maybe you can check why is my world MS oscillating. I have been playing from Middle East for 4 last years now and my normal ms is 109-134 both world and home on which i am used to. Please help i dont know what else to do and i cant play like this.
Best regards

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