[h][kazzak] <medievil> mythic+ & heroic raiding guild | 3/12m 12/12h

After noticing that a large amount of Guild Masters, Raid Leaders and Officers have the incorrect mentality when it comes to guilds, I decided to create my own along with mutal friends. Between us, we’re 8/12 Mythic and 12/12 Heroic with previous guilds, but now we are hoping to find a roster of our own to continue the development of underapriciated players.

MediEvil is a brand new guild recruiting to build on from curve and progress further into Mythic if we find the right roster. We currently have a healthy team around us but are still looking to fill in a few particular spots to have an optimized group for pushing into more content.

Our long term goal is to build a team of like-minded individuals moving through this tier and into Shadowlands. We all have commitments outside of the game, so achieving the balance of a fun environment to enjoy the content in whilst being time efficient is our main focus to maximize the time over 2 raid nights. Self reflection in terms of performance in raids and how to improve are the desirable traits we’re looking for, and an expectation for any raider, but we also want to have a laugh along the way.

Raid times are as follows:
Wednesday @ 19:00 - 22:00
Sunday @ 19:00 - 22:00

Our recruitment priority is open to all classes currently.

If you’re interested in joining our roster or have any questions, please message the Guild Master on Discord or BattleNet.

Bnet - Mouldy#2766
Discord - Mouldy#3985

Hello there, are you still looking for a holy Paladin? I’d like to refer you to my post if you’d be interested.

Interested in resto druid?