[H][Kazzak] <Roaring Rage> [1/10M - 8/10Hc] 2 days Mythic Raiding

After having achieved 7/10M CN as our first tier together, Roaring Rage is recruiting to push Cutting Edge in Sanctum of Domination!

What are our goals?

We formed our guild with the goal of establishing a close-knit community where our members can participate in serious Mythic progression on a light schedule and other activities outside the raid schedule.

Raiding Schedule

We raid all Sundays and Wednesdays, from 20:30 to 23:30 Server Time.
In addition, we also have an optional raid on Mondays at the same time.

What we can offer

  • A spot in our expanding and improving raid team.
  • An organized and active Discord to hangout in.
  • A strong social aspect, bolstered by the events we run such as “Glory of the X Raider” achievement runs.
  • Opportunity to join in our many M+ runs.
  • An experienced Officer team in regards to Mythic raids as well as building up communities.

What we expect from you

  • Open to criticism and constantly seeking improvement.
  • Sociable and drama-free personality.
  • Coming to raids prepared, fully gemmed and enchanted, with consumables and
    prior knowledge of the fights.
  • Being active outside of raids to some extent.


We are looking for experienced players to secure Cutting Edge this tier. Please note that if your class isn’t on the list below but you are confident you are what we need, you should still apply. Class priority is as follows:

Balance Druid
Elemental Shaman
Shadow Priest

All other Ranged DPS

All Melee DPS

If you wish to join our guild, apply through our Discord:

Please note we do not exclusively recruit for raids. If you are only interested in the M+ or Social aspects of our guild, you are most welcome!

Recruitment updated :slight_smile: