[h]<Nihilism> 10/10 HC

About us

We are a group of players that have been playing together for many years through various games.

We achieved cutting edge back in Uldir after starting up the guild initially. Then stopped raiding due to not enjoying the BFA expansion.

We are all enjoying Shadowlands and have decided to start up the guild again so we can start getting CEs! We achieved AOTC the week we started raiding again and are looking for more players, especially Healers and Ranged DPS, to start going into Mythic.


What kind of player does Nihilism look for?

  • You feel responsible for your raid performance and attendance.

  • You can take the initiative with making certain calls or coming up with creative refinements to raid strategy.

  • You strive to improve yourself without needing external criticism.

  • You enjoy being part of a team and improving as a team.

  • You understand how to maximize the performance of you character.


What can you expect from being a raider in Nihilism:

  • A fun but progress oriented raiding environment.

  • Our aim is to kill every boss on Mythic difficulty within a reasonable timespan ultimately achieving Cutting Edge each tier.

  • Being able to provide input into tactics, and raid-related decisions, regardless of rank.

  • People who share a progressive mindset where gear is only a means to an end.

Raiding schedule

Raiding times and days are:
Sunday 21:00 - 24:00
Tuesday 21:00 - 24:00

We will AT MOST extend for ONE additional pull after 24:00 if the ENTIRE raid votes in favour!

There is a 5 minute break halfway into the raid.


We use Discord for all of our communication.
If you are interested please contact our recruitment officer:
Battlenet: CasualNinja#2386
Discord: Gnar#3607

Healing wise, we are mainly looking for a Disc priest right now. All other specs except Resto shammy will be considered, however.

Also looking for Hunters, Warlocks and Boomkins!

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