Holy and RBG


First of all I know Holy is not the best option for RBG. However, my love for holy is bigger than anything else…

I was checking the top Holy Priest in RBG and regarding stats… I can see two types of Holy Priest

  1. They stack Ver + Haste
  2. They stack Ver + Mastery

Why? What is the difference to stack option 1 or option 2. How the gameplay is going to change if I go for option 1 or option 2 and the most important question which combo of stats is the best one?

My PvP is more of a 2 atm. I have some 1 items as well.

Haste is best for Disc priest , so maybe some of them just switch between two specs? makes sense

I can tell you that we played 9vs10 rbg yeasterday (one of our raid members trolled) - and we faced 2 holy priests. We still won the game so…

Until haste gets high enough to bring base cast speed of heal down to near FC levels. And make greater heal viable again. I’d stack mastery for the HoT effect that serenity will provide.

For a few games. Then I’d respec disc.

After testing I prefer to go in RBG for mast + ver > critic > haste
and in Arena for haste + ver > critic > mast

I just find holy so so lacking in defences and once serenity is used up and GA. you are dead. That’s all they have. I think clarity of mind(?) needs brought back.

It’s just not a spec designed for PvP IMO. Once you play disc and see it does EVERYTHING Holy does but better. With better defences. You never turn back. Unless a massive patch changes things for holy.

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Well I guess you are not taking the right pvp talents. I have a lot of def… anti silience/interrup anti fear anti melee and anti everything with Fade :slight_smile: are we playing the same spec?

With holy for me, with higher ilvl pvp gear with more vers it does get easier. Also Ray of hope helps, greater fade and miracle worker.

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