Holy-Disc priest LF steady 3s


I’m looking for a steady 3s team to que a few times per week and really get those games in.

I’m horde right now, but for the right team I don’t mind faction changing.

Got 2,6k xp as a MW monk in BFA season 1 and took a break since then so I really need to grind some arena to get decent at the game.

My goal is to get glad this season, so hopefully we can share that goal and work hard on it.

Currently sitting 2k- 2,1k CR, however I don’t mind joining a team that’s a bit lower if we can get the grind going :slight_smile:

I’m open to many different comps, I never rage and always try to be constructive - I’d love if all people I play with to share that mindset.

Here’s my Btag: FilthyCasual#22536
Here’s my disc: memuuus#7324

Hi, i am mage and eager to learn, 2k xp returner from previous xpacs, only mention that as nowdays its a requirement it seems even tho i am nowhere near 2k atm.

i would gladly grind games and try to relearn the game.
might need some grinding to get me up to par tho.
my gs is abt 208 atm and ve been doing weekly vault and fun games up until now (joined sl very late)

if you re interested just add me qjay#2309