Holy pala, Disc priest, LF Horde Guide


Holy pala, Disc priest LF guild!

Disc/Shadow is on Dreanor 414ilvl, Paladin on Kazzak 413ilvl.

Have access to warlock 409 and resto sham 411.

Have 7/9 Mythic bosses killed, progress on stormwall before guild disbanded and Progress on jaina to the wall, 29%!

Looking for guild that doesnt raid sundays!

Hit me up



Hey Selene,

My name is Arvenya, and i’m part of a guild called Barely Grown Up on Silvermoon, we are sociable guild who are interested in raiding, mythic + and occasionally play some PvP, we are currently looking for raiders to join our mythic team as well as social members as well. Our raid times are are Monday & Wednesday 8PM (Realm Time).

Feel free to message me in game or message us on discord on this channel here - 3dRgWCQ

all the best,



Hi there Seléné!

Obliterum on Draenor Horde may be a guild for you!
We are a newly formed 2 day a week Curve orientated guild founded by an Ex-Mythic Raider/Raid Leader, with a strong emphasis on keeping a social aspect in the game. We spend lots of time on Discord doing Mythic+ dungeons and having a bit of a laugh.

If we sound like a guild you would be interested in, contact me on Arcane#2666 and we can have a chat :slight_smile:


Still looking for a suitable guild