Holy Pala looking for guild

Hello ladies and Gentleman,

My name is PEI and I am currently looking for guild.

Please let me provide firstly some information about myself:

I am a level 434 holy ( currently gearing myself) pala that had 2450 rio in the first season of dragonflight and now is 2284. I am currently playing since 2 weeks, as I had been playing some other classes in the first weeks of DF.
I am a very ambitious player that strives to push high keys (would like to push higher this season) and would like to raid as much as possible. I dont have to much experience raiding with my holy pala, but I love to learn and continue develop myself and keep on improving with my holy pala.

I have mic and am 34 years old, I am looking for a guild that is competitive but at the same time is fun and knows that gaming is not the only thing in the world and that we have or own lifes to take care of.

I would like to raid between 2-3 days a week, please add me or post in this thread if you would like to know me better or know more about myself.


discord: peinad0

( currently in silvermoon servers, have no problem of switching servers)

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