Holy Paladin Blessed Focus Talent and Tier Set inconsistency

Hello all,

I’m not a pro Paladin Player, I’m only starting to learn how to play this class for my guild’s roster for 10.2. While studying the class I noticed an inconsistency.

Firstly: I think this has already been mentioned in the community before: When you play Blessed Focus (1 Glimmer Talent), your Divine Toll casts only trigger Glimmer once, and not 5 times on each target.

But now, on PTR, the new Tier Set 2P, hole reverberation, is applied 5 times whenever you cast Divine Toll. While in theory the mechanic is tied to Glimmer

To sum up, on PTR ==> Divine Toll with Blessed Focus = 1 Glimmer but 5 Holy Reverberation. There’s clearly some consistency issue, this is not clear.

It’s a shame when you see that Blessed Focus is being buffed (To 40%) and the scaling of Glimmer nerfed (From 6% down to 4% extra healing per target).
Additionnally, other talents like Glorious Dawn make it counter-intuitive to take Blessed Focus because it scales with the amount of Glimmers.

Blessed Focus seems like it has good synergy with the Tier Set because it allows to trigger Holy Reverberation sooner, and without having to precast Glimmers on everyone all the time. But the talent still has very poor synergy with all the other talents