Holy priest and shaman looking for a new home

(Sofiya) #1

Hi there,

my girlfriend (holy priest) and me (resto shaman, but can switch to enhancement and elemental on occasion) are looking for a new home. Right now we are on a German speaking server and are willing to transfer.
What are we looking for:

  • Possibility to do mythic+. We did not do as many as we liked as of yet and would like to push some keys and find some like-minded people who like to run some with us.
  • Raids: we are raiding for a long time already and have Uldir on heroic not completely cleared, missing Ghuun. But we like to see the content there is and clear raids on heroic. 2 times a week for raids would be perfect.
  • In general a friendly, easy-going and fun environment to play after a days work to unwind.

Any guilds willing to have us and let us join the fun? If yes or if you have any questions contact me on my battletag Aray#2275 or just reply here.
I hope we’ll find a new home with a new season and roll with some new friends


Hi there;
I’m not sure how you’d both feel about a server+faction change; but I can offer the two of you a guaranteed raid spot ready for Dazar’alor, as well as regular Keystone runs too!

My guild is primarily comprised of ex-Mythic raiders that just want to clear Heroic, and potentially dabble in Mythic - but not on a Cutting Edge level, just the first couple of bosses. We raid Wednesday+Sunday 21:00-23:30.

Outside of raiding/Keystones people are online on Discord pretty much 24/7 - and play a variety of different games together, and we’re always on the lookout for more people to join both for Raids/Keystones as well as playing different games outside of that.

If you’re at all interested, or want to talk please don’t hesitate to add my ID: ConnorRigg#2598

Cheers :slight_smile:


Hey there, we are looking for two healers (including one with dps opportunity) for our raidteam within a very active social team. We do alot of various things including m+ we gonna start the raid on normal but will hit heroic as soon as we feel comfortable doing so. I gonna add u on battletag and hope to chat with u two soon!



Hi :slight_smile:
We are an alliance guild on Silvermoon (Only Fools with Horses)… currently in Uldir HC too… but stuck on Zek! We are all mature players, feel free to check us out at foolsonline.enjin .com
Or add me on #Mogs2420

Best wishes


Hi Sofiya,

Remnants of Valhalla on Dragonmaw, Horde - we are currently looking for a couple of healers for our HC and Mythic setup
IN addition we do several m+ runs above 10 every week and will keep continuing this.

Who are we ?.
We are a bunch of friends of friends, dating back to Vanilla, TBC and forth - picking up like minded players on the way.
We see ourself as casual gamers, raiding 2 days a week Wednesday and Sunday from 20.00 - 23.00 , but still strive to clear as much content as possible, HC cleareance being a minimum must DO clear in our terms.

I know it requires a faction change for the both of you, and i’ve taken the liberty to add you , if you see this post interesting enough to being pursued.


(Lew) #6

Hey. I’m one of the officers for my guild . We are a horde guild based on Magtheridon so if you were interested then a server and faction change would be needed (at minimum a faction change for a trial period but everybody knows horde have more fun so it’s win win)

We are 8/8 heroic on Uldir and will be looking to get curve again in the next tier coming up.

We currently sit around 15/16 active raiders and have done since legion when we were first founded. We also raid Thursday and Sunday from 20:30 to 23:00 server time.

We’re currently in need of healers so there would be a perfect fit for the both of you if you were to both want to heal but since you can off spec there’s also room for that.

If you’re interested in a chat then add me on bnet Riddesu#2266

Thanks for reading!


Hi add me on CrazyCatLady#21194 for a chat if you can menage 1 farm (wed) and 2 progress nights (fri/sun) 19-23h st.

(Sofiya) #8

Hi everyone,

thank you for all your offers and support, we found a new home in the meantime.
I appreciate all of your answers and wish you all good luck and fun in Dazar’Alor!