Holy priest what happend, Is the class totally dead?

Hi all holy mains out there just want to know what blizzard have done to holy i don’t remember it being this bad 10 years ago (I just tried holy today and i struggled like a saint on any boss to keep mana up while damage went out).

Just wanna know is it only me who thinks holy is donkeykong at the moment what happened with our healing on ground ability?

Were is our mana pool were is our healing were is our laidback aoe healing burst? am i the only one feeling holy is no more a healer class to play???

//this comeing from someone who hasn’t healed since mop but man it feels lack lusting right now the whole priest specc can’t be this much of a mind whack.

Edit 2021/02/28 [Symbol of Hope] Feels like a down graded version of what it used to be feels like that mana you gain back gives you like 1 heal. But I love the buff to divine Hymn commeing 9.0.5, While your at it you should bring back spells like lightwell and also [Lightspring] and such


I’ve played holy so far in this expat and my findings are this.

We have actually got fantastic throughput and with gear your mana issues will lessen (due to point 1 being more prominent).

The biggest issue is we have zero defence CDs. Targeted by a mechanic? No way to mitigate any of the damage. And in cloth (if it’s not spell dmg) you are eating nearly all of it as raw dmg. It’s an issue.

The second issue I have noted is healing on the move. For whatever reason (usually mechanics) it is almost nil if both words are on CD which they almost always are. This creates the next issue, for raw throughout and mana efficiency I run flash concentration. It’s needed for m+ and is arguably the best legendary we have for output.

Stacks drop because of movement. Costing a lot of mana to get back up. Not so much a class issue, but our legendary FC should be BASELINE or a talent. Shamans get the same effect (Arguably better) EVERY riptide as a baseline. Think about that!?

The whole spec is has so many flaws. I’ve tried to play it and enjoy it but I’ve finally given it up at 209 ilvl And 9/10 HC CN due to so many inherent flaws that the other healers don’t suffer from.

For PvP spec disc. It’s insanely good and I’ll play and gear it for PvP now.

For pve - take a shaman over holy. It does everything holy does but better. Sad but true.

It’s a broken spec right now.

HPriests and MW monks really got it bad in terms of mana issues.
As someone who PvPs and loves holy, I got my 1.8 but realistically I can’t push with it, especially not in RBGs, with how fast it ooms. Was hoping for some sort of Legion revival in the spec in terms of being viable, but no such luck.
If a group has to choose between disc and holy, they’re gonna pick the disc.

I’ve not really touched mythic this xpac, but I’ve done a little raiding, and found it nice to play in there. But I think that’s holy’s issue, always seems to be a go to for raid but no other content. Even in BfA it was only good in PvP because of corruptions and greater heal spam.

There’s a bunch of specs that need attention, I really hope holy priest gets the love it deserves. A renew that’s actually worth casting, stronger single target healing and better mana efficiency.


feelsbadman when holy’s whole thing used to be mana efficiency.


I have great time in m+. Do know about raid. Blizzard need to fix us. No I do not want to dps to heal.

You can always reroll to disc, i guess that is their idea behind burring holy.

Raided first two weeks, got curve the 2nd and then instantly quit raiding because of the spec’s state + the horrible low chance for loot.

A few m+ a week as shadow for me. Cant be bothered to do more until the game steps out of their Hpala/disc eternal healing meta.

please keep pushing blizzard to fix it. The issue I see with all of us holy priests is that we do not make the noise other specs do for fixing them

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Ahhahaa. Nice that you noticed. I still find you attractive :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :heart_eyes:


Sadly priests in general just burn out about 3x as fast as hpals when it comes to mana in PvP content, kind of insane how they get to not cast and not go oom at the same time :thinking:

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I main holy for 2v2 and think it works fine with the right classes - I managed to push 2,4k+ with a fire mage the other day.

The problem I see in arena is our mana mostly and that when dampening starts to kick in our healing is extremly low.

I haven’t done to much PvE-content so far this expansion but I think it feels ok. Healing might be a bit weak like you say compared to other classes, but I try not to focus/compare my class to others to much. If I can get the job done and the spec feels fun, who cares if resto druids have an easier time?

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Could be. In 20+ keys holy is non-existent. There are good amount of discs and a few Shadow priests doing them and that’s about it. Priest is not the worst class though. Warriors and dk’s are pretty pathetic now.

yeah thats true :slight_smile:

Ialso think pvp experience of holy priests can be improved

it’s really good in 2s, actually better than disc.

I played some arena as a priest like a month ago. At first I played DC but wanted to try holy and it didn’t feel bad, tbh I switched back to dics but I couldn’t play it anymore, maybe different playstyle but I feel like you can outplay and really surprise people with some PVP talents and especially with X’anshi legendary. The biggest problem is mana, which is going in few minutes if you heal with flash light and flash light being too weak I think.
and btw when I play arenas with my main I meet a lot of holy priests(mostly with some mage or warlock)

I agree. Every time I get disc against me, it never lives longer than me. Nothing bad about discs guys, maybe I’ve just got bad players, but every time I was checking their ilvl and ratings… I doubt it. 219ilvl disc oomed in several seconds when I’m 200ilvl… Awkward

I have no issues healing +10 and below in mythic+. Basically I have to heal like I did in TBC. Flash heal is not that important and is there for o crap only. Its like greater heal is back. I use heal for the single target. Holy words are more important. So is AoE. Its seems more emphasise on avoiding damage, than the healer saving you from it. Get the feeling that we are not top here as well. People rejecting me due to spec.

In raids I can now cast both divine hymn and holy word salvation twice for some bosses. You need to be careful about your mana usage. Healing output feels weaker. Warcraft logs is not pretty. We are basically bottom.

PvP feels like dps can both burst you down and out heal you. Sometimes you can just be one shot. Stuns because of dps damage, basically lethal. If the same ilvl, then sometimes I can have a go at trying to win. If the damage is not too high. DPS basically have an advantage. Feel 100% like I am bottom of the pack but not helpless all the time.

Sadly on Mythic, Holy is heavily outperformed by everyone, except Mistweaver. I like the spec a lot and i dont complain (much) but defo some spells need either a rework or a big buff (PoH).

I’m not too sure about this, we are 4/10 mythic and I can compete very well with the other healers. I wouldn’t say we are “heavily” outperformed by any other healer

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