Holy/Ret Pala 6/8 HC LF Raiding guild

Hey, as title states i’m currently 6/8HC from pugging, and looking for a guild to continue heroic progression then on into Mythic.

Currently playing a mixture of Holy and Ret depending on what pugs were available at the time. Happy to play either spec, my ilvl as ret is currently slightly higher, 396 vs 393. I have been super lucky with drops compared to holy gear.

In terms of recent raid experience I played pretty casually in shadowlands just pugging normal and heroic raids each tier and running mythic plus. I started playing originally in vanilla and stuck with it up until the end of MoP when i quit to make sure I actually graduated university. Started raiding in TBC and cleared all raid content up until I quit with the exception of pre nerf sunwell.

I am unable to raid wednesdays currently but that is the only day I cannot make.

I switched servers recently so my account doesn’t seem to have updated yet, ignore “human paladin”

Hit me up on battle net: Basher#0595 for a chat

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