Honor farm and gear upgrades

Blizzard come on… i have so much conquest that can random 220 ilvl conquest chest spam on any alt.

But this honor upgrade costs and tiers ?! my alt got 1.8+ even close to 1950 now YET my gear upgrades are 3/9 - 4/9 - few 5/9… Amount of honor required and steps to upgrade is INSANE !!!

Oh ALSO same alt got 1700+ conquest now, which is useless for him !!! since he got all BIS slot epic pvp gears.

Even there is a honor cap still ?!!?!



another thread about honor upgrades. you would be pleased to know however that certain members in the community cough cough rentaki think that the solution to pvp gearing is increasing conquest rewards for high rated players :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Yeah playing my priest at 2-2.1k with combatant gear. Too much difference between conquest/rating gain and honor upgrades.

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