Honor grinding being too time consuming


First post ever.

Just wanted to share my feelings on current state of PvP.

I am a former TBC player, played a lot in PVE and loved arenas as well, it was around 15 years ago now. I wanted to feel the same, and it’s the case (even if I can’t say that the level have stepped up).

But there is a problem : honor grinding.
I am pretty sure everybody agree on the fact that’s it’s really painful (and I am alliance side).

So painful that many of our shadowland’s players had quit pvp.
So painful that all of our raiders that just wanted to play pvp as casual had quit as well.
So painful that it seems impossible to play an alt in pvp.

I am ok with horde vs horde (which I find totally normal due to queue time, even if I can’t say that I am a bit woried by population balance on TBC).
I am also OK with no premade (whish I find totally normal for people that are solo queuing even if I used to premade every time I had honnor to do).

I am also pretty sure that for the majority play BGs just to reach pvp gear in order to play arenas, and it just ask too much time.
Even the youngest player back burning crusade that had around 15 yo back that days now are 29-30 yo. The majority have responsibility IRL (work, girlfriend/boyfriend, childs etc.).
We don’t have enough time to invest in honor grinding as it is right now.

PS : honor as it was during the tbcc prepatch was ok…

That’s my personnal feelings, what you guys are thinking ?


Totally agree!

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Everyday people ask to get loot more easily. While we are at it, why not add every single item in the game into a cash shop? -.-
Seriously this community makes me sick.


It’s perfectly reasonable. People have done the math and it works out to like 400 hours or something ridiculous just to get the crappy blue set which is literally welfare gear. No one is asking for anything for free, just for the grind for ENTRY LEVEL gear to be a little bit less significant. You don’t help “this community” with your toxic BS.



As a PvE player I would have liked the PVE to be harder that it is. We killed Gruul on our second attempts, Magtheridon on our third one.

PvE items are a rewards for playing well.
PvP honor items are rewards for playing a LOT.
PvP arena items are rewards for playing well.

I am just saying that PvP honor items ask too much game time.


Totally agree with this and since there are some of us who used to play multiple chars back in the day at tbc, gearing couple chars even to be able to enter arena (sure you can without blue set but not much point) gearing 1 char takes like 3-4 months so once you have gear the season will most likely be changed or changing and you would need to start all over again.

As a horde player “since blizzard is still testing” the honor system I’m forced to decide which char I farm honor as a brain dead till next reset since even with HvsH makes a but easier getting full gear takes forever

I have 13d played on 70 and i pugged full honor gear, i think those who calculated arent really that good in math

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So yeah, honor is actually a bit slow… Guess what tho, you don’t need honor unless you actually want to push serious ratings

People who moan about not being able to play arena due to honor rates are just seeking excuses, you can get 2k+ on most classes (if you play a comp like MR you can get 2.4+) without a single pvp piece aside from trinket. Stamina honestly feels like its far more important, and there’s plenty of that on PvE gear.

So yeah honor gear can help but no you’re not 1300 or unable to play arena because of it

Will you stop saying easy? It’s easy to get the honor PvP, it’s just too time consuming. Wasting time is an easy task but it’s dull and the rewards aren’t worth the time.

This will hurt Blizzard in the long run. TBC will die off quickly if we’ve had to spend countless hours grinding gear in PvP, to only be sick of it by the time we’re all geared up. Makes no sense.


Thats what he means by easy
You should enjoy bgs anyway, not sure why you take them as a torture
Like why are you even playing pvp when you dont like it, i dont get it

People go on about nochanges yet it’s how it was back then, if you don’t have the time you can’t do it, this makes perfect sense and to be honest is how the majority of the game should be.

PVE = any guild can raid 2 hour/week and get the best gear cuz every1 knows strats cause game is 15 years old
pvp = farm 8 hours a day for a whole season for a garbage gear
for me pvp died first day of prepatch when they destroyed honor, never had fun again

Yeah, pve is broke, yhould very buffed
Pvp actually still works, i am actually happy for that

It’s time consuming because we have wotlk honor formulas. Never mind, blizzard are stupid

This when you redeem couple of marks it desn’t take al that long to get a piece without taking into accounts pvp entry gear and epic ring that can be bought from spirits orbs pve dungeon from Terrokar and other zone aswell as meta gems , entry helm etc…

When you do some battlegrounds for the fun and play them it goes faster than while you obviously don’t want to be there.

This guy gets it :clap: best response in this thread. We arent asking for free gear, just increase honor gained by like 15% or something. Its way too stingee right now.

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Return to retail if you want stuff without any effort!

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Classic argument of an 80 IQ person :slight_smile: Because there is nothing between “free” and infinite grind what we have now, right? :smiley:

Do you know that TBC PvE gear is basically without any effort because raids are a joke, right? :smiley:

Why are you mad then? If it’s easy to get gear? Back to retail m8!

Im not mad at all, I just have to smile at this “go back to retail” universal argument which isn´t argument at all :slight_smile: Its like from a child from fourth grade.